Clinical, pathological and parasitological aspects of ascaridiasis in Blue-fronted parrots (Amazona aestiva) from illegal wildlife trade in Northeastern Brazil

Raul A. S. Siqueira, Temístocles S. O. Neto, Ricardo R. Guerra, Vinícius L. R. Vilela, Ricardo B. Lucena


Wild birds from illegal wildlife trade are susceptible to several injuries due to the unfavorable sanitary conditions in which they are maintained. Among these animals, parrots of the Amazona genus are frequent victims, and are hosts to parasites of the Ascaridia genus. This study aimed to describe clinical, pathological and parasitological aspects of ascaridiasis in Blue-fronted parrots apprehended from illegal wildlife trade in Paraíba State, Brazil. Sixteen Amazona aestiva dead at triage after progressive weight loss were submitted to necropsy. Moderate to intense ascaridiasis was observed in 36.4% of the parrots, and associated with poor and cachectic body conditions. Simultaneous diseases were also observed. The parasites were bleached and observed in stereomicroscopy. Based on morphologic aspects, the parasites were identified as Ascaridia hermaphrodita.


birds; Psittaciformes; parasitism; illegal wildlife trade

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