Report of Peter’s Ghost faced bat Mormoops megalophylla fossils from the island of Barbuda, Lesser Antilles

Johanset Orihuela, Adrian Tejedor


This note reports Peter’s ghost faced bat Mormoops megalophylla from the island of Barbuda, northern Lesser Antilles. Our record is based on fossil remains recently discovered in uncatalogued material or misidentified specimens within a late Quaternary assemblage collected at Caves 1 and 2, Two-Foot Bay, Barbuda, over 50 years ago and housed at the Vertebrate Paleontology collection at the University of Florida, Florida, USA. This is an extralimital record for M. megalophylla, which extends its past distribution well into the northern Lesser Antilles, increasing the bat diversity and number of extinct species known from this island during the Quaternary.


bat; Mormoops; Barbuda; Lesser Antilles; extinction; extirpation

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