Productive and reproductive performance, behavior and physiology of cattle under heat stress conditions

José Romero Alexandre Alves, Thiago Antunes Adriano de Andrade, Daniel de Medeiros Assis, Thyago Araújo Gurjão, Lídio Ricardo Bezerra de Melo, Bonifácio Benício de Souza


This review aimed to detail the main information pertinent to the physiological and behavioral mechanisms evidenced in cattle under heat stress conditions. Brazilian cattle-breeding represents the second largest herd in the world, promoting great impact on the country's exports. Throughout their adaptability, these animals were submitted to different environments, which directly influence productive and reproductive performance, seeking compensatory mechanisms to maintain body homeostasis. Therefore, we can consider that heat stress directly affects the physiological and behavioral responses of cattle subjected to high temperatures. Adaptability of breeds to tropics should be considered of extreme importance in the choice of a productive activity for cattle-breeding and, particularly, in hot environments.


bioclimatology; cattle-breeding; physiology

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