Gunshot in a yellow-headed caracara (Mivalgo chimachima): case report

L. Perles, F. Y. K. Kawamoto, C. Couto, K. Werther, B. W. Minto


Anthropogenic injuries have been frequently
described in raptorial, including habitat destruction, pollution,
car collisions, structure impacts, and poaching by trap
or gunshot. (PUNCH, 2001). In Brazil, hunting or trapping
of any free-living animal, including birds of prey species is
forbiden by the law number 5.197, from January 3th, 1967
DA BIODIVERSIDADE, 2008) and by the art. 29 of the
Environmental Crimes, Law 9.605/98 (BRASIL, 1998). In
spite of this law, it is frequent in the wild animal clinic to
receive birds with fractures and internal organ damage
caused by firearm projectiles. There are several studies in
other countries which demonstrate that hunting is an important
factor causing mortality of these animals, especially
raptors (DEEM; TERRELL; FORRESTER, 1998; PUNCH, 2001; WENDEL; SLEEMAN; KRATZ, 2002). This case
report is the description of multiple fractures caused by
gunshot in a Yellow-headed caracara (Mivalgo chimachima).

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