Ocular trauma leading to cardiac arrest in a shih tzu dog

S. P. Pimentel, D. A. Viana, M. G. Matos, C. E. B. Lopes, F. R. N. Rodrigues


Veterinary, legal medicine is a branch of veterinary science responsible for elucidating questions applayed to the law field. Forensic traumatology is a segment that studies the effects of an external energy released on the victim body, translating injuries and immediate or delayed pathological states produced in the body, in order to elucidate the dynamics of the facts (EÇA, 2003). For procedures that have availability properly fresh corpses, or even preserved carcasses by cooling or freezing processes, it is necessary the use of necropsy techniques to stablish the causa mortis. The aim of the study was to report a case of an acute ocular trauma in a Shih Tzu dog that triggered the early animal’s death.

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